Can I return the product?2023-01-16T11:31:04+02:00

You can return the product purchased in the DRINbags.com store within 14 days from the date of shipment if it is: unused, in good condition, undamaged or otherwise unchanged from the moment of purchase.

Do you give a warranty?2023-02-18T18:07:41+02:00

We give life long warranty for straps fixing. Your waist bags strap started to fall apart after long usage? Or your backpack shoulder strap tore up from too much weight? Send it to us and we’ll give it back to you as new!

Is it waterproof?2023-01-16T11:43:10+02:00

Products are sewn from three types of materials, so it depends on which product you choose:

  1. Impregnated fabric. This fabric is water resistant.
  2. Polyester upholstery fabric. This fabric is pleasant to the touch, soft but not water resistant.
  3. Cotton with African patterns. Not water resistant either.
What is the difference between the waist bags?2023-01-16T11:47:12+02:00

There are several types of waist bags:

  1. Classic waist bag. They can be made of different materials, colored, monochromatic, soft or waterproof.
  2. Spacious, round-shaped waist bag. These waist bags are more round than classic ones. They can also be made of different materials, in one color or with patterns, soft and waterproof.
  3. Dog-friendly waist bag. The shape is the same as described above, but there is no lining in the main compartment. Sewn only from waterproof material, so it is easy to clean, suitable for carrying dog treats.
Can you make a custom order?2023-01-16T11:47:36+02:00

Yes, several types of individual orders are possible.

  • You can combine the materials you like best from the ones I have.
  • The length of the straps, the need for an inside pocket, the opening sides of the zippers can be negotiated.
  • I can print an image caption of your wish on the fabric.
  • You can give your desired fabric that can be integrated into the product. For example, an old beloved shirt can become the front pocket of a backpack or waist bag!
Where do such colored fabrics come from?2023-02-06T11:43:43+02:00

While traveling in France, I discovered African wax fabrics and fell in love. I brought a few, but they soon ran out. I then asked my friends living in France or visiting their relatives in Tanzania to bring me as much of these fabrics as possible. While traveling in Thailand, I found various wonderful fabrics myself, so I brought some to Kaunas.

Do you make everything by your hands?2023-02-06T11:46:10+02:00

Yes, I’m making everything myself. 🙂 I have a little studio in Kaunas, Lithuania.

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