Urban backpack for fashionable lifestyle.

Backpack has three compartments. Main section, one colorful pocket in front and one secret pocket from the back. The lining of the main compartment matches the lining of the pocket in front.

Both pockets are with zippers, and the main section has a buckle closure. Padded shoulder straps will comfort you wherever you go.

Backpack can be used unrolled or extended. The capacity can vary from 11 l when unrolled and can grow up to 16 l, when extended. It’s also a backpack that you can take for traveling, it can be folded and takes very little space to fit in your luggage and accompany you everywhere you travel!

Dimensions (can slightly vary):

Height: 37 cm (+18 cm)
Length: 29 cm
Depth: 10 cm

Tailored to your needs.
Made with care and love.