A set of reusable bags♻️



Introducing a sustainable shopping solution! 🥳

Time to ditch the plastic bags ⛔ and make a statement with our fabulous set of reusable bags ♻️. Perfect for any shopping trip to the store or market 🛒, Drinbags is your eco-friendly companion ✅.

In this set you’ll find two versatile bags designed to cater to all your needs. The larger one is perfect for potatoes or carrots 🥕, and the smaller one for everything from candy 🍬 and nuts to onions or cherries 🍒.

But here’s what makes Drinbags truly exceptional: we’re on a mission to reduce waste. That’s why our bags are crafted using recycled materials from leftover fabric scraps ♻️. We’re turning waste into a valuable resource, ensuring every bag carries a story of sustainability.

The small bag measures a convenient 25 x 18 cm, while the larger one offers ample space at 30 x 30 cm. Both bags are thoughtfully designed, durable, and easy to close and open, making your shopping experience a breeze.

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